About Us

We care for your pets like our own.

Every pet owner knows that pets aren’t just property—they’re part of the family.

When you can’t be there for your pets, Smart Pet Club can. Come home to happy, healthy pets so you can go to work, enjoy a family vacation, run errands, or just relax guilt-free.

Pets are always there for us. Be there for them with trusted, personalized care, even when you’re away.

Our Story

Lucas and Marilia are lifelong animal lovers. Lucas, who holds a law degree and MBA from a top-tier school in his native Brazil, cultivated a passion for pets growing up as he traveled the world with his family, always with pets at home. His wife Marilia is a credentialed veterinarian in Brazil and is currently in the process of obtaining her vet degree in the United States.

When Lucas and Marilia moved to Florida with their Border Collie, Tapioca, they experienced firsthand how challenging it can be to find a trusted caretaker for your precious pets. Using popular internet services, they found it difficult to establish lasting relationships with consistent caretakers. They wanted reliable services based on the best interests of their pup.

That’s what inspired them to start Smart Pet Club, a family-owned, family-run pet care service based in Central Florida. Smart Pet Club works closely with families to provide compassionate, personal pet care services tailored to fit your pet’s individual needs.

We can’t always be with our pets, but we always want the best for them. Smart Pet Club fills the gaps when you’re away to ensure you and your pets enjoy the very best quality of life.

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Let’s all get to know each other! Use our online instant booking system to schedule a free consultation so we can become acquainted ahead of our first appointment. We can do it via Zoom too!